VS Code replace REPL with jupyter qtconsole

I really love Julia extension in VS Code at the same time I love the Jupyter console with inlined plots.

Is there any chance to replace the default REPL with Jupyter console?

I think realistically we are not going to replace the terminal in VS Code.

The VS Code terminal is based on https://github.com/xtermjs/xterm.js, and if that gained support for inline images and VS Code decided to use that feature, we could probably make it work for Julia. This issue tracks this request on the xterm.js side of things.

The extension is going to get a native notebook UI at some point. Not exactly what you are asking for, but it would make for another kind of inline images.


Thank you for your fast response.

For quick prototyping, I use UnicodePlots for plotting in the REPL. I don’t use the integrated VS Code terminal, but instead the new Windows Terminal. I am patiently awaiting for them to add Sixel graphics but that’s probably a pipe dream right now.