Is there any manual translated into another language?

Hello. I am a student who started learning Julia in Korea. I am participating in the github repository, which translates the Julia manual into Korean. I would also like to refer to manuals translated into other languages, but are there official manuals in other languages?
And if we finish all translations, can Korean version be added to official Julia manual?

There are some links here.


Apparently even languages that have a large community of speakers globally find it difficult to keep up (some of those repos have not seen activity for years).

This pattern is, unfortunately, difficult to avoid: unless there is a dedicated team which is willing to commit effort for years, translation efforts usually fizzle out after initial enthusiasm. This is understandable in an open source context, as the contributors and the users have almost no intersection by construction.

While the intent to help others who find English difficult is laudable, I think that if one wants to program, there is no way to avoid learning English at the moment.


Perhaps it is more realistic and useful to focus on shorter tutorials in various languages, that act as introductions. Or perhaps an abbreviated manual. Keeping the entire manual up to date seems like a Sisyphean task, and advanced users will need to move to English at some point.


thank you for telling me!

I agree with your thoughts. English can not be avoided because it is difficult to translate English words.

I want to complete the translation as it is now, but many people are having difficulties …