Is it just me getting frequent error messages from Revise.jl?

When working with Julia (and using my startup file that has @eval using Revise in it), many operations fail with the error message:

ERROR: UndefVarError: re_section_capture not defined

This seems to come from Revise. IFAIU re_section_capture is a predifined regular expression that could be found in Base at some point. I assume that what I attempt to do in some way triggers Revise and that the offending line (in my case line 272 in src/pkgs.jl of Revise) is then executed.

Still I’m confused why this suddenly started to happen (possibly it began after I added Transducers.jl to the (specific project) environment).

Any advice?

Some info:
running on linux
Julia 1.8.5
Revise 1.0.3

I could have misunderstood the way the environments are supposed to work. Revise is present in my default (@v1.8) environment. I then use Pkg.activate to get to my specific environment, could this have anything to do with it? Could the --proj flag change the order modules are loaded?

Having zero understanding of how Revise.jl works, I suggest you to try upgrading it. Just run ]up Revise in your default environment.

Yup, worked! Turned out I had some packages that has not been worked on for a long time in my default environment. They in turn forced Revise to a very old version. I removed the packages (that I just wanted to try out at some point, but had forgotten about) and updated Revise. Now, I don’t get that error message all the time.

Trivial solution, but apparently not trivial enough for me to think of, so thanks!