InveniaLabs Julia User's Networking Event (Cambridge, UK)

Hi all,
some folk at the JuliaCon satellite in London heard about this.

On the 14th of September 2022, at 5:30pm running til late,
Invenia is hosting a party for Julia users.
We couldn’t throw a sweet party at JuliaCon, so we a throwing one in our office roof garden in central Cambridge.
It’s super nice. Open bar, great food. It’s going to be a good time

We are hosting an event earlier that day were we will be teaching a bunch of postgrad students from the Cambridge Uni AI society Julia, so those folks will be around.
As will a bunch of Invenians.

register at: Julia Users Networking Event Sign-up

And you should get an invite closer to the date.
I can’t promise everyone will get one, since we can’t have unlimited people – it’s open air but still too crowded is asking for covid problems.

For folks in London, when you register you have an option to ask for a train ticket, and we will email you a return train-ticket London<->Cambridge.
We’re cool like that.

But honestly, because a part of the point of the event is to show you what it is like to work at Invenia, and one of our perks is that we pay for train travel to and from London (both for commuting Or for personal travel)
No secret we absolutely are hoping to recruit people out of this, but we won’t be doing the hard sell.
We’ll let the gorgeous office, and cool atmosphere speak for themselves.


We will probably be sending invites out towards the end of this week.
So if you have been putting off filling in the form please do so now.
So far looks like we will have a good turn out