Introductory textbooks

Dr. Shah,

Need a very good introductory publication on “Julia" with illustrations, similar to the book “Illustrating C (revised edition ansi iso version)” by Donald Alcock (1992) or “Illustrating Pascal” by Donald Alcock (1987).

A book/document would be very helpful for non-computer geeks (e.g. engineers, physicians, economists and others) to acquire “Julia” for their computing tasks/projects.

Suggest, having a set of items in the survey that are useful for newbies and non-computer geeks wanting to learn “Julia".



`I believe if the documentation had more and very clear or explained use case example it would be enough in the base case.

[Often I find myself understanding the ?help but with no clue as to how to use it. It’s a bit the case with the R docs where documentation goes far in the math details and assumes implementation is a given, but there at least the “vignettes” help.]

A book would be nice. Still there is the GitHub - VMLS-book/VMLS.jl book and others. Also there’s a LOT of IJulia Jupyter notebooks --which IMOO I like for “live” demos but are usually not meant or intended for after-the-fact use.

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It is not what that underlies Julia, but what is the structure of Julia for use by the newbie.

May I suggest that you look at KINME Learning Resources <>, to update Julia Learning Resources?



Since you mentioned that, you may be interested in this:

The first 4 chapters (Getting Started with Julia, Packages and Software Engineering in Julia, Tools and Techniques, Dynamic Programming) do not actually delve deep into economics, so it is useful to all scientific fields. It has good language introduction, examples and exercises.


Thanks for the link!

May I suggest that you take a look at either of the books “Illustrating C” or “Illustrating Pascal” by Alcock?

These books are available at <>.


Also, you may want to look at KNIME at <>.