Introduction to an educational project



This project aims to help users (mainly non-English-native-speakers) better learn, use and develop julialang and its community.

Related Packages

Two packages, DoctreePages and LightLearn, are related and partly designed for this project. The first contains documentation and the second will publish v3.0.0 soon, so no more information is provided.

Chinese Docs

You can view the repo here and view how it looks here. The full todo-list is in README.

Why like this?

Wait, you may ask: should this really be called “roadmap”?

Well, it’s a good question. Actually there is a pure-roadmap thing in chapter meta/how_to_learn, but we do provide guides, link references, questions for practise, etc. That’s mainly because

  • The name “roadmap” was chosen when the idea first come into view (posted by nesteiner), while a more detailed thing is required by some users.
  • Unlike documentation (all kinds of) being written originally in English, there are few detailed and/or structured docs in Chinese. Obivously there is a translation project of julialang documentation (parts are copied and edited under license), but it’s a small piece of the whole ecosystem and sticking-to-origin is one of its properties.
  • Problems for julialang being international can be found and solved.

Used Features

The good part of using DoctreePages, our own package, is that we can design and use many deeply-nested educational-purpose features.

  • giscus-based discussion display
  • statement trigger text (localStorage["is-newbie"])
  • online tests
  • etc

While non-technological features include

  • Hundreds of links.
  • Split language-docs into basic and advanced.
  • A “Daily”.
  • (link to) Questions for practise (including online-judge, offline-judge, games, etc).

Other Language Docs

If you are willing to write docs in French, Spanish, etc (or back in English), you can open an issue/pr in status repo. Please provide enough information, and permission to certain repos may be given.

Notice List

  • Currently there’re quite a few unicode-related bugs in CommonMark (package)
  • We do lack collaborators (and a survey in JuliaCN forum showed people lack time and/or energy to participate, while me myself lack ability).

Planned Features

Status is mutable, but here are key points

  • Going smoothly with medias.
  • Swallowing docs.
  • higher, faster, stronger

Better Ideas?

Although the project is becoming long-time stable, we still can’t say this is the best practice. Issues & PRs always welcome!

Thanks to

  • johnnychen94 : provides technological support
  • nesteiner : provides huge amounts of notes
  • all source-documentation/code providers
  • all who shares ideas