Interested for co-authoring a book titled "ML in Julia ecosystem"

I have been asked by Packt Publishing to author a book titled “ML in Julia ecosystem”. The outline is almost finished and I will be sending a final draft by this week. The Edboard team of Packt are asking for a co-author due to following reasons:

  • This will help us to manage the overall workload since we will be distributing the chapters among you guys
  • Based on my previous experience, I have seen multi-author projects as a great way to peer review content. Thus ensuring we’re providing solid and comprehensive coverage on the topic. Moreover, for a cutting edge topic like this, more authors will help us to ensure we’re covering all the required topics in each chapter
  • It also does help in marketing the book. Since every author will have their own reach within the community.

If anyone is interested, they can comment here. I will get you in touch with Dhruv Kataria, Packt Publishing Manager.