Intellisense/autocomplete in Julia Markdown code contexts (e.g., blocks) only

I was wondering if anyone else finds the quick suggestions (aka intellisense, autocomplete) overly aggressive for Julia Markdown files. I figure out how to disable the suggestions for all .jmd files using the settings.json file:

"[juliamarkdown]": {
        "editor.quickSuggestions": false

But now I have no code completion in the files, when I’d like at least some code completion. Preferably, both in fenced code (where supported), as well as for html and other related languages that could be used for convert the files to html (e.g., js, css).

Anyone else had this problem or come across a solution?

Okay, there is still some code completion. For example, once I’ve indicated I want to make a Dict, vscode will provide some information about signature matching. However, this is not the full functionality normally provided when working in a .jl file with quickSuggestions set to true.

What does “overly aggressive” mean?

For example, if I turn on “quickSuggestions” then when I’m typing just regular text (e.g., writing narrative to help explain what my code is doing), outside of a fenced code block, I might get something like:

So if I’m trying to write narrative, I’m constantly getting code suggestions from vscode that are useful when writing code, but not so much outside of a coding context. That is, the only time it makes sense to see code completion information is when, like I say, the cursor is in some kind of code context, be it fenced code, inline code, adding html or some other document modifier, etc.

Does that make a bit more sense?

Also updated the title to be a bit more reflective of what I’m trying to convey.

I’ve played with all the settings found at IntelliSense in Visual Studio Code, but can’t find a magical combination settings that suppresses recommendations when in text mode while allow recommendations in code contexts.

This repo seems like it has the kind of functionality that would be of interest: But knowing basically nothing about TypeScript, not really sure how to adapt it.

I figured out here how to disable autocomplete just for Julia I think. If you search “suggest” in settings and scroll down you’ll find options to edit settings specific to a language. Click on it and it will take you here, where it’ll have an error box that says “Object expected” because the table is empty, so just add an item and turn it off. Hopefully that makes sense