Evaluate julia code blocks while using Markdown VSCode preview

I would like to edit a .jmd file in Markdown language mode on VSCode while still being able to send cells to the REPL as when I set Julia Markdown language mode.

More context. The great advantage of working with .jmd in VSCode is the ability to evaluate cells and display them inline. However, when the language mode in VSCode is Julia Markdown I can’t enjoy many great functionalities that VSCode offers for Markdown (live preview, code snippets…)

First attempt: set multiple language modes in VSCode.
Outcome: VSCode doesn’t allow it.

Second attempt: add “```” as code cell delimiters in the Julia extension setting.
Outcome: the REPL opens but doesn’t display a result, nor any output appears inline (although I get the circular arrow displayed at the end of the block).

On the other hand, the Julia extension command Send Current Line or Selection to REPL works, so atm I’m making do with it.
I’m wondering if I’m missing some other trick to combine both benefits Markdown and Julia Markdown editing in VSCode.