How to use tab autocompletions (LaTeX, emojis) in Markdown files in VSCode?

I’m working on my first package! :slight_smile: I’m at the point where I’m writing some documentation, using Documenter.jl, and need to type latex symbols in markdown files. But the autocompletions from the Julia extension do not work in Mardown files. Any work around? Thanks!

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Might not be exactly what you’re asking, but have a look at


Thanks! Good idea to use other (non-Julia) extensions. Using:

gets me pretty close. I can type most Unicode characters without using the command pallette. Only missing some rarer ones (e.g. \bfT), which I can just copy/paste from a Julia file if needed.

Still it would be nice if the tab-autocomplete part of the Julia extension could be expanded to include the documentation Markdown files.