Installing a package with source code



The Ipopt package in it requires BLAS. While running"Ipopt") it shows that it is not able to download the BLAS package. I have the source code of BLAS. How should I build the required package by using the downloaded source code?

Build issues of Ipopt

Can you please post the error message?


It connects with the proxy and tries downloading the package from,, Then it shows error 403. I think this might be proxy issue, thus i have already downloaded the source code of the BLAS.


The code to build BLAS for Ipopt.jl is at, I think, for a Unix system, but probably the best way would be to solve the proxy error.


I downloaded the source codes for BLAS and all other third parties and put it in the respective directories. Then, I changed the shell script to only unpack (removed the lines where it connects to a website and downloads the source code). But when i run"Ipopt") it still throws the error that recipe for target Ipopt failed with a numerous different errors. Please tell me how to successfully build the given package.
Thank you

Build issues of Ipopt