Build issues of Ipopt

Hi all,
I am trying to install CoinOptServces package. But, the Ipopt package in it has build issues. It seems that the process ./get.Blas had an error (ProcessExited(1)).
How do I install the package without any probelms? I have JuliaPro

How did you solve the build problem in your previous post?

Please check this Installing a package with source code - #5 by Rahul_Sharma

I downloaded the source codes for BLAS and all other third parties and put it in the respective directories. Then, I changed the shell script to only unpack (removed the lines where it connects to a website and downloads the source code). But when i run"Ipopt") it still throws the error that recipe for target Ipopt failed with a numerous different errors. Please tell me how to successfully build the given package.
Thank you

for what it’s worth, here is a solution: