Installation question

Installing JuliaPro on a linux machine following the JuliaProQuickStartGuideLinux.pdf, which indicates that I should expect the installation file with the name, whereas the main installation file I found/downloaded from on the download page is Am I missing anything?

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I followed exactly the instruction and this is what I see:

JuliaPro installation has started, please wait until all the files are extracted

OS Detected: Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS
Online Installation : Requires internet access
Like: Ubuntu

Checking pre-requisites...
Installing JuliaPro- to /home/juliapro/JuliaPro-
Running postinstall script
./ line 4: /tmp/postinstall_results: Permission denied
postinstall script run

I wonder why I need permission this time. I don’t recall that I need any permission in any of my previous installations. I can, of course, install with sudo, but I wonder if others others except the super user can use JuliaPro on the same machine then.

bumping for interest. have had the exact same issues with my install

Thry running the installation step with sudo -H and the .sh file