"Infinite scrolling" in Profile -- Activity is not working

I occasionally found that in Profile–Activity, the infinite scrolling feature of this site is not working, which means only the latest 30 posts can be shown. It would automatically load more when continually scrolling down, but now it’s not gonna load. I’ve tested this in Safari and Chrome, both have the problem, is this a bug? or just because I mistakenly changed some options? Can Anyone else second this? It seems the feature on other discourse sites work just fine, what’s the problem?

The Profile Activity page is probably limited to 30 items then and does not have an auto-load. For me it does not load more posts either. So this is probably not a bug, but just how the site works, I would guess.

If you can report this to https://meta.discourse.org that would be great. Once it get’s fixed/changed upstream it will automatically propagate here.

Thx for pointing to there! I’ve tested this feature(so called “infinite scrolling”) on https://meta.discourse.org, but it seems this feature works just fine:

I suspect there is a switch needed to open.