Comment's date is different on the main page and in the thread

Not sure if these things should be reported (or where to report them), I encountered this one:
On the main page I see the following:
If I click on it to see the thread the following:

As you can see above it suggests the post as the last comment arrived 24 minutes ago, but in the thread it shows it’s from November of 2018. I don’t know which one is correct, just thought report the issue. Tried to “force refresh” (Ctrl+F5) but it doesn’t help.
My Chrome version: 75.0.3770.142

I think that sometimes changes take time to trickle through all the relevant parts of the Discourse backend. It usually gets there within a few minutes.

I checked back now and still the same. Anyway it doesn’t bother me, just wanted to report it, if anyone interested in it.

I can confirm what you are seeing, but probably the right place to report it would be on the forum.