Infiltrator and Revise


I am currently debugging some functions in a package I am writing for myself. I do the actual code writing in VSCode but I have a REPL open with the package loaded (using MyPackage) as well as Infiltrator.jl. There are many nested function calls and I am stepping through the various calls and checking stuff by sprinkling @infiltrate thoughtout my code. I also always startup my julia session with Revise.jl.

I find that fairly regularly I will make a change in the source code in VSCode and save the file. I will then try to re-run the function in my open REPL (which I have not closed, still the same session) but it does not see the change I made in the source. I have to do Revise.retry() for it to pick it up. I don’t know why but it would be nice if I didn’t have to type that frequently.

Am I doing this wrong or awkwardly? Is there a better way? I can’t use Infiltrator in VSCode and I like having an active REPL available.

I would appreciate any tips or advice.

This sounds like `@infiltrate` stops working when Revise encounters parse errors · Issue #45 · JuliaDebug/Infiltrator.jl · GitHub. Any chance you can come up with a MWE?