Implementing/Simulating 5 staged MIPS processor in Julia

Hey all,I wanted to ask if it’s possible to implement/simulate MIPS processior in julia

I am currently trying to find a final project for my first course in computer architecture.I have ample amount of time and I want to do the project in julia.

More Ideas that I am interested in:

  • Design a Turing machine using julia ,to implement basic operations of TM.
  • Construct an interpretors to interpret an assembly language based on basic instructions like add,sub,mul,div,and,not,or,ld,st etc for a machine having only one register which is accumulaotr and all the operands are in memory.
  • piano sound generation using computer keyboard with simulation using dos box
  • “Implementing the 5 stage pipelined architecture of MIPS/ARM 32/64 bit processor in Verilog/VHDL”

I would appreciate a discussion and some guidance on which would be a good one.