Does Julia support any hardware developement?

I mean, is Julia available as a programming language for some hardware development, such as microcontroller unit or single chip microcomputer?

Check out @sukera’s JuliaCon talk from this year: Running Julia code baremetal on an Arduino :: JuliaCon 2023 :: pretalx

(It’s also worth pointing out who one of the sponsors was for JuliaCon this year :wink: )


Yeah, the talk is the most up-to-date public information about this. I wouldn’t dare to claim that Julia supports this (as for why, watch the talk :wink: ), but at the same time there is a definite path forward. I’m actively working on new stuff that hasn’t made it into the talk, so in some sense, the talk is already out of date, but as I said at JuliaCon - 30 minutes just isn’t enough time :joy:

I think the future is quite bright though :slight_smile:


I know ASML and at least one analog computing startup (Anabrid) use Julia, but I’m not sure how widely used it is in that field in general.

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Thanks! :smiley:

Thanks! Looking forward to that! :smiley: