I'm trying to add a basic dependency to a package I'm creating and getting the fol

I’m trying to add a basic dependency to a package I’m creating and getting the following error. Can’t seem to find anything online. Anybody know what might be happening here? I followed PkgTemplates to create everything up to this point.

  Resolving package versions...
ERROR: KeyError: key "Artifacts" not found

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@logankilpatrick There seems to be a display bug here. The original message text + icon doesn’t show because it is part of the code block.

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I think the issue is Slack’s rendering of code blocks, they don’t put a newline after the opening triple backquotes and before the closing backquotes, contrary to markdown syntax

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Opened an issue here: Display formatting bug · Issue #3 · JuliaCommunity/SlackBridge · GitHub

any ideas on how to solve this issue though? (not the display bug)

Is the code public? Can you send a link so I can try and reproduce?

Edit: or perhaps more detail around the dep. you are trying to add, etc.

thanks for the help. my student wants to run this pluto notebook on his local machine but runs into this error. he downloads the notebook from here: NumericalMethods/discrete_lockdown.jl at master · floswald/NumericalMethods · GitHub

I told him to log on to here so we should have a better log of what’s going on soon I hope!

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oh my i just notice that I call using Plots before I create the new environment! damn. is that the reason?

no, in fact cell order is arbitray in Pluto, i forgot.

I created a pluto issue for this now failed to resolve notebook boot environment · Issue #906 · fonsp/Pluto.jl · GitHub

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