Using inconsistency between Pluto and REPL with dev Package

I have a Package “Foo” I have developed in .julia\dev.

I just updated to Julia version 1.6.3 in Win10.

When I updated to 1.6.3 I updated the package “] update Foo” and then in the REPL when I type ‘using Foo’ the commands exported from Foo are available.

I then load Pluto, and Pluto complains with the following message: " The package “Foo” could not be found in the registry.

Did you make a typo?"

I go to “…julia\registries\General\Registry.toml” and indeed I cannot find “Foo” anywhere in the file.

Any ideas or directions for me?

No, this is because Pluto.jl is trying to be reproducible and so it does not respect your dev'd packages.

If you want package managment in Pluto to work the way it works in your repl, you need to do

    using Pkg

in your notebook which will disable Pluto’s custom package managment scheme.