How to use the Juno Debugger?

Hello everyone,
I am relatively new to Julia and I code using the Juno IDE that has the debugger pane towards the right. When I used the debugger, it points me back to the source where the error has occurred in one of the package files rather than my current file. Here is an example:

Here I have included some packages like NLsolve and PyCall. There’s some error in my current file named UnitProcess.jl, but it points me to some other file named conversions.jl. Any help on how to make it point at the file I am using?
Many thanks in advance.

That’s a bug in JuliaInterpreter. Please open an issue here and include as many details as you can.

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Sure @pfitzseb I shall include it.
Thanks for your timely reply.

@pfitzseb any actions you suggest I do to fix this after you are done debugging from your end?
Do I have to update Juno or reinstall anything?

A simple pkg> update should do the trick after the fix is merged.