Debugging in Juno constantly stops in low-level functions


I am a new user of Julia and Juno. I created a nonlinear optimization problem using JuMP, which uses nonlinear expressions and constraints. I tried to debug my code using the Debugger in Juno. However, when I clicked “continue” or “next line” around the following lines,

        @constraint(MPC,X[i][1]+h*X[i][4] == X[i+1][1]);
        @constraint(MPC,X[i][2]+h*X[i][5] == X[i+1][2]);
        @constraint(MPC,X[i][3]+h*X[i][6] == X[i+1][3]);

the cursor constantly entered the function “rewrite_and_return” in the “rewrite.jl” file, and the function “_constraint_macro” in “macros.jl” file; keep clicking “next line” will move the cursor out of the two files back to my code. I could not understand why clicking “continue” or “next line” brought the cursor to those low-level files.

Thank you for your help.