AttoBot: a package release bot

In order to make it easier to tag package releases, I’ve created a GitHub bot to help out:

Once configured, you can simply create a release in GitHub, and AttoBot will take care of the rest (well mostly, at the moment it still requires someone to merge the final result).

It is still a bit experimental, but any feedback would be appreciated.



Cool! One question: Does it also work with tags created locally (via git tag or PkgDev.tag(...)) and then pushed to github?

No, it needs to be done as a release, which occurs on top of creating a tag, i.e. you can create the tag locally, push it to github, then create a release using that tag, or you can just create a release which creates a new tag as part of the process.

It might be possible to change it to tag-based, but PkgDev.tag doesn’t push tags, so it would still require an extra step somewhere.

Holy crap this is the coolest thing ever: Thanks Simon!!!

What times to be alive :slight_smile: Thanks a lot, Simon!!

This must be the easiest way to release packages! My first try finished with just a few clicks and types on GitHub :heart_eyes:

Thank you, Simon: a better way off the package :ferris_wheel:

Just had a chance to try this out and it works amazingly smoothly! We truly are living in the future.


A quick update: AttoBot can now register packages as well.


I used attobot to register a PR to metadata which I later closed. I then deleted the tag and recreated it ( However, it seems that the new tag is not being used to create a METADATA PR.

Any ideas?

There was a bug, which I fixed and then retriggered attobot. Unfortunately it then hit the issue where GitHub won’t let you reopen PRs after a force push (which is what attobot is effectively doing).

The general advice is “don’t do that then” (it usually won’t be a problem, as only those with METADATA commit access can close attobot PRs).

In this case, I was able to delete the branch and recreate a new PR, but I’ll try to figure out a more permanent fix.

(in future, please open issues on the attobot repo, as it is easier for me to keep track of them)

This is a really cool Bot. Thank you.