How to register my own packages?

Hi, I’m trying to register my own package to General.

As General said, I tried to register my package through JuliaHub.
However, the General said

" I was not able to load the package (i.e. import MyPackage failed). See the CI logs for details. "

You can see my trying here.

Can anybody give me an advice?

EDIT: here’s the list what I’ve done:

  1. Make a repo.
  2. Add @Registrator register().
  3. Try to register the package via JuliaHub.
  4. General raised errors.
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Its working now, isn’t it?
Well done!


I’m embarrassed :sweat:
Probably I missed some parts on Project.toml, and updating this would make it works.

Frankly speaking I don’t fully understand what I had to do, anyhow…
it works now :slight_smile:


My guess was (until I saw that it is resolved) that some compatibility constraints in your Project.toml weren’t right. But than everything went green, so I stopped investigating :slight_smile:

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