How to merge new package?

This might seem like a dumb question but since I don’t know anyone I could ask I’ll do it here.
I made a new package which couldn’t be automatically merged to the registry because it wasn’t fullfilling some requirements (travis CI build is working though). I made sure that the requirements are now satisfied but the merge request is still pending (it’s been ~ 1 month).
Do you know what I can do ? Should I supress the merge request (but I would “loose” my spot in the queue) or is there something that I missed ?

Read the General registries README

If you for some reason can’t (or won’t) adhere to the guidelines you will have to wait for a human to review/merge the pull request. You can contact a human in the #pkg-registration channel in the official Julia Slack to expedite this process.


It sounds though you have changed the package to adhere to the guidelines. I think you have to retrigger merging then (1 month is way too long); luckily there is no queue to lose a spot in, it always takes the same time.

Note that after making changes in your package to meet these requirements, the merge request in the registry will not update automatically, you need to trigger it again using @JuliaRegistrator register. This should then update the merge request to the registry, making it pass all CI.

Right now from the registry maintainers point of view, as far as they can see no changes have been made yet, hence they just let it be. If all is well normally you never have to wait that long.