How does the General registry work?

I understand the mechanics, but I am unsure about the actual rules since there is no README (sorry if I missed some discussion or announcement, I tried to look in all the docs). Specifically,

  1. From the METADATA days, I remember a 3-day waiting period for new packages, is that still the case for /JuliaRegistries/General?

  2. Is there a similar waiting time for version upgrade? How is it determined? I could not determine a pattern, for some packages new versions get merged in an hour, while at the same time there are pull requests for new versions that pass tests that have been open for more than a day (without discussion).

  3. Does discussion delay things or restart the waiting period? How does it work?

  4. Are there scheduled times when someone looks at outstanding pull requests and merges them?


Merging is basically determined by mine and Stefans morning coffee.


See automatic merging guidelines · Issue #3673 · JuliaRegistries/General · GitHub for the non-coffee governed plan.


Thanks for the clarification.

I notice that some others are also merging PR, mostly related to their own packages. Is this an option open to others, or a legacy thing that will be superseded by #204?