How to launch Julia from a customized script in Vscode

Dear there,
These days I was trying to launch Julia from a script (in my customized path) that defines the JULIA_DEPOT_PATH and Executable_Path in Vscode. However, it seems that the julia_extension is not able to find the settings in the script after click (ctrl+shift+P) to run “Julia: Start REPL”.
Nothing happens after this action:

Would be very grateful if there is any clue to address my confusion…


It would be helpful if you could provide more information. What does your script look like? How are you telling VSCode to use that script?


Thanks for the response! :beers:

So the script is called launch_julia_v171 in Path /home/wj/julia/, with contents:

export JULIA_DEPOT_PATH=/home/wj/julia/julia_depots

Then in VScode Julia extensions, the setting is:

    "julia.environmentPath": "/home/wj/julia/julia_depots/environments/",
    "julia.persistentSession.enabled": true,
    "julia.executablePath": "/home/wj/julia/launch_julia_v171"

The executablePath works on the terminal, but unfortunately it does not work in VScode.



export JULIA_DEPOT_PATH=/home/wj/julia/julia_depots
/home/wj/juliahome/julia-1.7.1/bin/julia "$@"

instead. It’s important you pipe all arguments through to Julia (check that ./launch_julia_v171 -v works, for example).

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Hi there,

Super cool it works after adding “$@”, although I do not get the underlying logic…
Thanks a million! :beers: :beers:


"$@" expands to the parameters that your script is called with. These needs to be passed on to the actual/real Julia executable.

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