Julia not found in VSCode

I tried using julia in VSCode. But whenever I try to run the code from VSCode, I get

[Running] julia “/home/ved/Documents/ProgrammingProjectsJulia/1.jl”

/bin/sh: 1: julia: not found

[Done] exited with code=127 in 0.012 seconds

Here is my settings.json:

“terminal.integrated.shell.linux”: “/usr/bin/bash”,
“window.zoomLevel”: 1,
“debug.onTaskErrors”: “showErrors”,
“editor.mouseWheelZoom”: true,
“workbench.colorTheme”: “Monokai”,
“julia.environmentPath”: “/home/ved/.julia/environments/v1.5”,
“julia.execution.codeInREPL”: true,
“julia.execution.resultType”: “both”,
“julia.executablePath”: “/home/ved/Downloads/julia-1.5.0/bin/julia”,
“julia.enableCrashReporter”: false,
“julia.additionalArgs”: [

I am using Ubuntu 20.

How can this be fixed?


“julia.executablePath”: “/home/ved/Downloads/julia-1.5.0/bin/julia/julia.exe”

I use Ubuntu 20 so .exe won’t be there.

what does which julia say when running in shell?


julia.executablePath”: “/home/ved/Downloads/julia-1.5.0/bin/julia

Fixed quotes of @oheil suggestion:

"julia.executablePath": "/home/ved/Downloads/julia-1.5.0/bin/julia"

it is stiill the same as given in the question.

Try to put
into your PATH variable. For test (you are using bash?) you may run
export PATH=$PATH:/home/ved/Downloads/julia-1.5.0/bin/
in the shell, and start VSCode from the same shell afterwards.
If this works you can put the same command into your .bashrc or better in the system resource file /etc/environment

I have put this into the bashrc file. So, I can just type julia in a fresh terminal and julia repl for v1.5 opens also, I can run a julia code by just typing julia name.jl. However, for some reason VSCode is not recognising julia.

Also, now that I check it, I guess the problem is with the code runner extension of vscode.

In VSCode you start a Julia REPL with
View → Command Palette …
Then enter:
Julia: Start REPL
and click on the menu item which should appear.

I just say that to make sure that this is what you do and which doesn’t work.

Ok, i don’t have that installed.

I have the julia extension in VSCode. What is the keyboard shortcut to run the code?
Also pressing that run button on the top right it runs the code but the REPL doesn’t open.
It opens in a Julia Debugger, but I want to run in a REPL.
How to open a repl when we run the code using the julia extension?

I think its ALT Enter