How to install properly julia

Hi all,

I have a question on how to install julia on linux : what is the best way between :

  • juliaup with the command curl -fsSL | sh ? Where does this command install julia ?

  • cloning git repo git clone ?

  • using the package manager ? (pacman in my case)


Currently, the officially recommended way to install Julia is using juliaup


On my Linux computer:

ufechner@framework:~/.julia$ which julia

In other words the launcher is installed in the folder .juliaup/bin which is in my home folder. It will be similar on a Mac. Julia itself is installed in the folder


in other words, in the folder .julia/juliaup/<version>/bin

You can have multiple versions of julia installed at the same time, the launcher selects the right version.

To comment on the other options:

Cloning the Julia git repo gives you the source code and you have to build Julia yourself. Certainly doable (and not actually difficult at all) but not worth the trouble unless you want to participate in Julia development or get an early preview of features in an upcoming release.

Using the Linux distribution’s package manager is generally not recommended. There have been many reports of strange problems that have turned out to be caused by less than successful packaging.

@GunnarFarneback Ok, I intend to have a basic use so clearly the git option is not he good one.

@ufechner7 so everything goes in /home/user/.julia ? I used to install from the tar.gz file which I usually placed in /opt. No more file like this ?

@Eben60 Ok thanks

I just download the tar.gz file (for instance, julia-1.10.0-linux-x86_64.tar.gz) and expand into an arbitrary folder. Then, when I’m feeling frisky, I add a symlink to the executable. :wink:

Just scroll down on the download page: Download Julia

Yes I also did that in the past :wink:. I am just trying to understand how juliaup works and where does it takes place. As it is now the recommended way to do.