Best way to install julia with CLI on linux enviroment?

Recently, i am interested in distributed computing and spend much time for install julia on our servers. But as i know, the installation of julia with CLI is very inconvenient until now.

I want command like below can install the julia at least LTS release.

sudo apt-get install julia

So far, we download tar.gz julia file at Download Julia directly and make symbolic link one by one, and by our own hand. Is there good way to install julia with CLI on linux enviroment?

ps: homebrew or yum is not good choice, i tried already.

You might want to check out Juliaup, which is a cross-platform Julia version manager:

Mac and Linux support is still somewhat experimental, but it has been working pretty reliably for me so far.

There is also, which is a bit more established and still has some features Juliaup doesn’t.

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I use GNU Stow for this. Download the tar, and then:

sudo tar -C /usr/local/stow -xzf julia-${VERSION}-${ARCH}.tar.gz
sudo stow -D -d /usr/local/stow julia-${PREVIOUSVERSION}  # remove old version
sudo stow -d /usr/local/stow julia-${VERSION}

This leaves $PREVIOUSVERSION available at /usr/local/stow if you need to swtich back. I usually keep one or two old versions and manually clean up when it is unlikely I will need it any more.

If the problem is to install on multiple machines you could also just make a custom installation script, if the problem is to make julia available to multiple users you could put a basic script on /usr/local/sbin/adduser.local that initialise the julia user folder for the specific user that is added…