How to input multiple lines in Julia REPL

How to input multiple lines in Julia REPL in Windows System, I try to use Ctrl + Enter, but it doesn’t work.

For me, Esc + Enter works

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Parentheses help:

julia> (1+2
       +4 + 5)

But to define a struct as in the example, you just need to ENTER after each line.

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On WIndows you can Shft+Alt+Enter , it’s the same as Esc+Enter, but I find it more smooth.

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Very smooth thx. I think Julia vs code should add this shortcut in the official document.

Yes, thx!

I find in vs code, Alt + Enter also works.

Note that the result may not be the same as when using parentheses:

julia> 1+2
       +4 + 5

while the “correct” result is: 15

Maybe you know but to have addition (or other operations like multiplication) work across multiple lines, the operator needs to be at the end of each line:

julia> 1+2+
       +4 + 5

(The reason for the result 9 in the other case is that this is the result of the last line.)


Using parentheses is simpler, as the plus can be anywhere.