How to change the line width of mean curve when plotting with Plots.jl and MonteCarloMeasurements.jl

Using plot command in MonteCarloMeasurements.jl package, I have a plot of mean function and a shaded area showing the (0.025,0.0975) quantiles.

How can I change the width (or line style) of the mean curve? I tried already with the option, for example, ls=:dash in plot command, but then all other curves also change to be dashed.

Thank you.

The plot will consist of two series, the first one is the mean and the second one is all the samples. You can thus set the linewidth of the mean to 5 using

plot(a, lw=[5 1])


plot(a, linestyle=[:dash :solid])

makes the mean dashed but the samples solid.


It works, thank you @baggepinnen.