How to adjust legend width to display the entire linestyle?

In the legend below, the linestyle for Neg Bin (nd) and Matrix size is indistinguishable without color. Is there a way to increase the width of the displayed legend? Or is there another line style to choose from?

Edit: for some reason the figure below can only be made in jupyter notebook. In the REPL, it would a figure where all legend linestyle (except for 1) are solid lines. This is probably a bug, so adding bug report tag…

using Plots
x = collect(10:10:120)
y = 10rand(12, 5)
test = plot(x, y, xlabel = "Samples (thousands)",
    ylabel = "Memory (GB)", w=3, lab = ["Normal (nd)" "Logistic (nd)" "Poisson (nd)" "Neg Bin (nd)" "Matrix size"], 
    legend=:topleft, xticks = 0:30:120, xlim = (0, 130), 
    linestyle = [:solid :dash :dot :dashdot :dashdotdot],
    legendfont=font(14), size=(450, 400))