Change the color of shaded area in plotting uncertain quantity in MonteCarloMeasurements.jl

From the following code

using MonteCarloMeasurements, Plots

x = LinRange(1:0.1:3)
a = 1 \pm 0.1
b = 2 \pm 0.3

f(x)  = a*x + b
plot(x, f.(x))

I obtained a plot with shaded area in light blue.

How can I change this color to, for example, gray or black color?

Thank you.

You can use the standard Plots.jl keywords, e.g.,

plot(x, f.(x), color=:gray)


plot(x, f.(x), fillcolor=:gray)

if you only want the shading to change color.

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Thank you for your quick help. By the way, how can I increase the line width (or change the line style) of the mean line (curve)?