How to change font typeface and size in Documentation pane of VSCode?

The new Documentation pane of VS Code is great, but for some reason on my machine it displays with an ugly font and at a huge size - very different to what I see in the demos on Youtube. The text size is about 3x the size of anything else in the UI, which means I have to scroll like crazy to read anything. Is there any setting to change this without resizing the entire interface? Alternatively, does anyone know the name of the UI element it displays with in VSCode?

More generally, it would be very helpful to see a list of various UI elements used in the VSCode for Julia extension and a dump of all custom JSON settings. Then we could find what we need by experimentation.

There’s currently no way to style the docpane. IIRC it just reuses your editor font size though, so changing that should do the trick. We could probably do better here, so feel free to open an issue.

I was about to say that this was incorrect, since I use Ctrl+mousewheel to resize the editor font all the time and this has no effect on the doc pane. But then I set editor.fontSize directly and fonts of both panes resized. So I just used the setting to set a smaller value and then re-magnified my editor font with the mouse wheel. Problem solved, thanks!