How to add Juliaup to path?

Windows pc decided to suddenly cleanse some environment variables. How can I add it again?

I tried reinstalling juliaup, nothing happened.

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Which environment variables?


This broke, it has worked previously. I would like to fix it through juliaup, but reinstalling did not fix it

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You will want to set the PATH environment variable. Let me think about how find the correct path settings.

Maybe @davidanthoff has a better idea?

the juliaup which is in the PATH is in


and is some kind of link to the real juliaup exe.

Check if

echo %PATH%

still contains above path and juliaup exist there.


What @oheil wrote :slight_smile: That directory needs to be on your PATH for any Windows Store app to work properly.

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Perfect, thanks guys :blush:

First time I’ve experienced Windows do this, perhaps after an update as usual.

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