How fast is updated?

Hi guys i really like the service offered,
i was wondering what exactly triggers a package list update on
Since i made a small new package DefaultArrays, added it to the registry but after some days it is still not available there

Thank you in advance

There have been some issues updating the packages on that site. It’s being redone, should be fixed soon.

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Any news to this? It still lists Julia 1.3.1 as latest version…

Please give a try. This is our replacement for (which will become just a pkg server). If you find issues, please file them here.


@StefanKarpinski while juliahub looks nice, it remains that in the meantime serves outdated content with no indication that is so, and no information that it will eventually become something different. May I suggest that simply turning it off would be better than the current situation? Even better of course would be to put a simple page there which says something like “close for renovation, go to JuliaHub instead” or whatever :wink:

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@fingolfin AFAIK has been replaced by, is another similar project currently in beta. is actually the successor,, despite the name is unrelated and is a successor to