Juliapackages and Juliaobserver

Are Juliapackages and Juliaobserver down?

Yes and no, I asked the same question and got this answer:

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Thank you.
I think the black div is an error, because in Firefox I cannot see anything (a modal question could be better to get attention).
I have to “remove it” using the Developer Web Tools in Firefox to be able to see anything, but I think many people could not have the knowledge to do it (or remove it with adBlock extension). Juliahub.com is great, but many pages have links to juliapackages.com or juliaobserver.com, and not been able to see anything could give a very bad impression. If juliahub.com is the replacement, it should be better to redirect the URL.

There are two different services (with their respective histories) involved here:

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Both JuliaObserver and JuliaPackages are back up. Apologies for the inconvenience. Just maybe try to love each other a little more?

Also want to clarify that I am in no way affiliated with Julia Computing. I just build useful user-friendly websites pro bono (apparently?)

w/ <3
- djsegal

// fwiw: this past two weeks is the longest stretch of downtime in 4 years