Why are there two websites for packages?

Always when i want to search for packages in Julia I find myself struggling which one to search:

Can someone tell me which one is the one to use? I would also be interested in the reasons why there are multiple websites and not one like PyPI or crates.io

Kind regards to everyone ^^

juliapackages.com is older, from before juliahub.com was a thing. It’s also updated less often - e.g. a package of mine that’s been registered in the General registry for a month now still isn’t on juliapackages.com. It’s also important to note that both juliapackages and juliahub are simply listing the contents of the General registry - they are not the primary sources of the packages themselves.

I personally always use juliahub.com when searching for packages.


juliapackages.com seems to be curated to some degree: JuliaPackages.com or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the ChatGPT


ah ok that explains alot thank you very much ^^