How do I delete all installed packages on Juliaup (1.10)?


I am on Windows 10 and wish to delete all packages and start from clean. This includes artifacts etc. The reason I want do so is that I am having issues with updating CUDA.jl, Pkg.update is not working (I am using an older version incompatible with the newer code: Cannot reset CuArray to zero · Issue #2257 · JuliaGPU/CUDA.jl · GitHub).

The absolute easiest for me would be just to scratch everything and reinstall as needed, how do I do that?

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It’s a long time since I used Windows, but as far as I remember, the directory c:\users\{name}\.julia is the directory with all your Julia settings. If you don’t have anything else that you wish to save from that directory (e.g. startup.jl), then you can just delete it. Otherwise, just rename it.


Thanks, exactly where it was. I am deleting the whole folder now :tada:

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