What's the best way to blow away the ~/.julia directory?

I was told that there is something “wrong with my Manifest.” Two questions:

  1. What all would I need to delete to clear out all Pkg related files for julia 1.0 or 0.7? (Ideally, just for one and not the other.)

  2. Or, conversely, is there anything I shouldn’t delete if I just want to blow it all away and start again?

Some things I can think of that I would want to keep:

  • ~/.julia/0.6
  • ~/.julia/0.5
  • ~/.julia/config
  • ~/.julia/logs/repl_history.jl
  • anything else?

Is the best way to proceed to just delete everything except for the above list?

Relatedly, is there any reason that Pkg3 doesn’t put all the cool new directories below something like ~/.julia/0.7 or ~/.julia/1.0? What’s the motivation for mixing the 0.7 and 1.0 installed stuff? :slight_smile: Thanks!

It does, .julia/environments/v1.0 etc.

.julia/packages and .julia/clones are julia version agnostic, they can be seen as a cache and the julia version currently running has no relevance regarding their validity.


Ah, thanks for clarifying that. i should’ve done a better job digging in to all the directories.

So is the only thing I’d need to delete just that then? .julia/environments/v1.0?

If you want to reset your environment, yes.