How to delete all packages at once?

Hello guys, i want to delete all packages added. Can it be done by one command? Also i want to ask if it can be done with some lines in script(i am using atom to study julia)?

Hi and welcome,
You could delete the packages folder: rm("~/.julia/packages/*",recursive=true) (linux)
BUT this is in the very most cases not necessary/a bad idea, since you work in an “environment” that depends on the presence of some of these packages. The thing is, that you can just create a new environment using its own packages. So what ever you want to archive, deleting just the packages wont help you.
PLEASE do your self a favor and read Working with Environments first.

In case you just want to have a clean default environment simply delete the Proect.toml and the Manifest.toml files:


(replace the “v1.5” with your julia version)


on MS-Windows, you have to modify the command, e.g. similar to this
(only these two files must be deleted):

julia> rm(joinpath(homedir(), ".julia/environments/v1.x/Manifest.toml"))
julia> rm(joinpath(homedir(), ".julia/environments/v1.x/Project.toml"))
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actually “recursive= ture” is not needed when deleting single files ^^