How can I register a new version from a branch?

I’d like to register a new patch version of a package from a branch (GitHub - JuliaDynamics/Agents.jl at fix-agents-again), which is a lot behind the main branch containing instead a new major release (not stable enough to be registered yet). I want to do so since I’d like to fix some bugs due to dependency updates releasing just a patch version (5.17.2, before was 5.17.1) pinning some dependencies to past versions because the newer versions of such packages break it, at the same time I want to keep the dev version to 6.0, am I doing this correctly in registrator? Thanks a lot in advance

Don’t want to make a mess :sweat_smile:

I would create a dedicated release branch release-5.17 and then from that branch tag individual releases as their version numbers v5.17.2.

Julia itself follows this pattern. For example, there is a release-1.10 branch and a v1.10.0 tag.

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Thank you for the advice, but if I release the new version from the branch I created, even if it doesn’t have a good name, there shouldn’t be any problem then right? (I have updated the project.toml file to 5.17.2)