Help with tips on debugging Travis: Documenter generation of HTML


I’m trying out Documenter’s ability to generate HTML, and I’m trying to get Travis to do this automatically. Documenter works fine locally, but Travis complains and doesn’t generate HTML. Does anyone have any tips for debugging this sort of thing?

The output of Travis is here:

One thing I’m doing a bit different is autogenerating some Markdown files. One of those autogenerated files is the subject of the error message.


In Travis, set an environment variable DOCUMENTER_DEBUG with value true and push a new commit. That will make it print out debugging info.


The error is happening prior to deploydocs so setting the debug variable won’t help in this case.

The generated files are being created in the wrong directory. In .travis.yml the command is

cd(Pkg.dir("Sims")); include(joinpath("docs", "make.jl"))

whereas I assume locally you’re doing something like julia make.jl while in the docs/ directory. Just adjust the paths in your travis script so that you include from within docs/ and everything should work correctly.

Re: generated files: perhaps have a look at @autodocs and see if that helps to simplify the make.jl script. I’m open to ideas for improvements to it if it’s doesn’t do everything you need (open an issue rather than going off-topic here is probably best).


Thanks for the help! I needed both tips to get it working.