Adding Documentation to a GitHub Repository

Good morning from a very sunny Glasgow, Scotland.

I’m experimenting setting up a Julia package in GitHub, with code coverage and testing using Travis. I’ve been following Chris Rackauckas’ excellent video.

The repository is here. It’s just a toy thing that’s nonetheless useful for use in testing some economics packages. The package is built using PkgTemplates, with Documenter{TravisCI}() selected for document generation.


  • got Travis set up, I think correctly,
  • got Documenter installed;
  • generated and installed keys as per the documenter docs;
  • created as a home for the documents.

If I’ve understood this correctly, the generated docs should turn up at

I can see that, when it runs, travis is generating branches on MiniTB with the documentation in them.

My question is: what do I do with these branches? How do I get these pages generated pages on to, preferably automatically?

I appreciate this is probably a naive question for someone who’s comfortable with Git and GitHub, but I’m just not…


I had similar problems and @Tamas_Papp fixed me up. Look at my tale of confusion at

It’s a bit subtle. I think “stable” goes with your most recent tag and “dev” goes with your master branch. It is now working ok for me. Look at what I’ve managed to do at

which is still very far from a professional job.

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Correct, so the docs that were built are available here:

And I forgot to also thank @fredrikekre for saving me as well.

@grahamstark once you get it working you will be happy with the results.

Brilliant: got it. Didn’t think to check the dev branch and, as you say, the stable branch duly turned up once I had tagged a release. I’m not 100% (or even 50%) sure what’s really going on here, but it does now work. Many thanks.

Your site is very professional, btw.