Help on reported JET issue when using StaticArrays

I am doing some analysis of some of my code using JET.jl.

When I use StaticArrays in the following way (below is a MWE), report_call from JET is unhappy:

@report_call b[a.==2]

However, without static arrays, report_call is just fine.

@report_call b[a.==2]

I will note that my code executes fine and is much faster when using StaticArrays for my use case, so I want to use it. Should I just ignore this apparent issue reported by JET or is there a better way to achieve what Iā€™m after?

Edit: here is the report_call output:

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Could you show the output from @report_call?

Sure! Added to the original post.

Seems unnecessary, report a bug to StaticArrays.jl.