StaticArrays 1.5, StaticArraysCore and BSON.jl

What is the correct way to save and load StaticArrays in package version 1.5?

Basically, I used to be able to import

using StaticArrays
using BSON

and storing/loading worked fine.

Now the code above works for storing but not for loading data and instead I need

using StaticArraysCore
using BSON

Is that correct? Am I missing something? Is StaticArraysCore meant to be a dependency or an “internal” module which should only be used via StaticArrays.jl?

Perhaps StaticArrays should export the name StaticArraysCore, then it works. It looks like JLD2 doesn’t have this problem though, so possibly BSON can be fixed too though. Perhaps you can open an issue at the StaticArrays.jl repo.

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Opened an issue:

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