Hacktoberfest 2019 is starting tomorrow!

Hello everyone!

I am sure many people here are already familiar with Hacktoberfest, but here is a recap:

It is an “online competition”, where it is free to attend. You “win the competition” simply by contributing 4 Pull Requests to open source repositories on GitHub. The “prize” for this “win” is an amazing, limited edition T-shirt. The goal of the Hacktoberfest event is to simply promote open source coding.

Since we are Julians here, I bet we are all quite fond of open source :smiley: . Many people here are already developers, but in case you haven’t started on your journey in open source, this is a good opportunity.

To provide some “starters” or “appetizers”, I’ve tagged a bunch of issues of the organization JuliaDynamics that are suitable for beginners with the label “Hacktoberfest”. You can find them here:

JuliaDynamics Hacktobefest issues

Hacktoberfest starts tomorrow! I hope many people will participate!

(for fellow developers and org. maintainers: please post similar links to your easy-to-solve issues in this thread :wink: )


Github search : language=Julia AND label= “Hactoberfest”