Looking for Inspiration

I have taken some time off work and was supposed to be doing some painting but due to a delay I now find myself with 2 weeks off and nothing to do. I am looking to get started with Julia, a fun project that would show me something I cant do with other software, or can do but much slower.

Any ideas?

My day job is a data analyst focused on analyzing Life Insurance Data. The software we mostly used is R, Python and Tableau.

Image Denoising Algorithm.

It has everything in it, Estimation, Image Processing, Being computationally efficient, etc…


Welcome to the Julia community!


Good Steer @RoyiAvital

Image Processing Sounds like something that Julia would excel at compared to other languages. Would be a great place to get started.


Do something fun like NLP on the julia repositories registered in general. Find what lacks in the NLP juliaspace and contribute it to your own package or a preexisting one.

Find a cool package in the registries and try to contribute, or just mess with it.

Find all the bugs in my package and write unit tests for me :stuck_out_tongue: (just kidding)

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Julia is indeed powerful, but depending on your previous exposure, it may take more than 2 weeks to gain enough experience with it to exploit its power.

For learning Julia, I would first work through the manual, then it’s really up to you and what you are interested in.