Gurobi v10 and Julia

Hi there! I saw on Github that support for the version 10 of Gurobi is added and I just updated to that release of Gurobi; however couldn’t manage to use it in Julia (v1.7.2). I removed the package and added it again after upgrading to Gurobi v10, and when I’m trying to build Gurobi.jl, I get the error below. Would appreciate any help! Thank you!

Error building Gurobi:
ERROR: LoadError: Unable to locate Gurobi installation. If the advice above did not help,
open an issue at GitHub - jump-dev/Gurobi.jl: Julia interface for Gurobi Optimizer and post the full
print-out of this diagnostic attempt.

[1] error(s::String)
@ Base .\error.jl:33
[2] top-level scope
@ C:\Users\mirel.julia\packages\Gurobi\WjZv8\deps\build.jl:167
[3] include(fname::String)
@ Base.MainInclude .\client.jl:451
[4] top-level scope
@ none:5
in expression starting at C:\Users\mirel.julia\packages\Gurobi\WjZv8\deps\build.jl:160

Unable to locate Gurobi installation. Running some common diagnostics.

Gurobi.jl only supports the following versions:

  • gurobi95
  • gurobi91
  • gurobi90

Did you download and install one of these versions from
Installing Gurobi.jl via the Julia package manager is not sufficient!

Found GUROBI_HOME = C:\gurobi1000\win64

Does this point to the correct install location?

We’re going to look for the Gurobi library in this directory:

That directory has the following files:

  • C:\gurobi1000\win64\bin\Gurobi100.NET.XML
  • C:\gurobi1000\win64\bin\Gurobi100.NET.dll
  • C:\gurobi1000\win64\bin\GurobiJni100.dll
  • C:\gurobi1000\win64\bin\grb_ts.exe
  • C:\gurobi1000\win64\bin\grbcluster.exe
  • C:\gurobi1000\win64\bin\grbgetkey.exe
  • C:\gurobi1000\win64\bin\grbprobe.exe
  • C:\gurobi1000\win64\bin\grbtune.exe
  • C:\gurobi1000\win64\bin\gurobi.bat
  • C:\gurobi1000\win64\bin\gurobi100.dll
  • C:\gurobi1000\win64\bin\gurobi100_light.dll
  • C:\gurobi1000\win64\bin\gurobi_cl.exe
  • C:\gurobi1000\win64\bin\vslauncher.exe
  • C:\gurobi1000\win64\bin\vswhere.exe

We were looking for (but could not find) a file named like, libgurobiXXX.dylib, or gurobiXXX.dll.

You should set the GUROBI_HOME environment variable to point to the
install location then try again. For example (updating the path to the
correct location if needed):

# On Windows, this might be
ENV["GUROBI_HOME"] = "C:\\Program Files\\gurobi950\\win64\\"
import Pkg

# On OSX, this might be
ENV["GUROBI_HOME"] = "/Library/gurobi950/mac64/"
import Pkg

# On Unix, this might be
ENV["GUROBI_HOME"] = "/opt/gurobi950/linux64/"
import Pkg

Note: your path may differ. Check which folder you installed the Gurobi
binary in, and update the path accordingly.

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You need to update to v0.11.4 of Gurobi.jl: Release v0.11.4 · jump-dev/Gurobi.jl · GitHub

Check which version you have with using Pkg; Pkg.status("Gurobi")

You can force the version to install with using Pkg; pkg"add Gurobi@0.11.4"

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Thank you so much for the fast reply, it worked!

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